Choosing a quality child care provider could be one of the most valuable experiences you give to your kids. The best after school programs will combine a safe and welcoming environment, fun and educational activities, and good old-fashioned playtime.

At Apollo After School, we use a practical, results-oriented mix of both modern and classical instructional methods, plus our own classroom-tested experience in making the learning process fun:

  • Project-Based Learning Curriculum. At each level of development, whether working on their own or in teams, we teach our students to solve problems by asking questions, utilizing their own skills and learning new ones. Students are constantly creating works which can benefit themselves and their own communities.
  • Social-Emotional Learning. Our activities are geared towards providing our students with a framework of skills from which they can set and achieve goals, show empathy for others, build positive relationships, and make good decisions.
  • Fun, Interactive Environment. We provide our child care instructors with a whole range of tools to answer the questions, ‘How can we make this more fun? How can we get our students more involved?’

A successful day at school starts with a prepared teacher. A successful child care class starts with a prepared teacher who knows how to involve their students while making their learning experience fun and relaxing. When you’ve already been working hard during a fully structured 6-8 hour school day, the last thing that you need is another lecture!