Before School Care

Before school care programs are all about turning those brains on, building energy up, and getting ready for the long school day ahead. Drop your children off with us any time after the official morning program start time (it will be listed on your flyer) and we’ll do the rest. Students will receive a healthy snack and be dismissed directly to their regular school day.

Apollos before school care program provides a safe and nurturing environment staffed with the same qualified and dedicated teachers found in our after school program. Our teachers are up bright and early and ready to greet your child with a smile. What makes our before school care program stand out is that mornings with Apollo are engaging, relaxing, educational, and convenient.

A few benefits of before school care programs:

An environment where students can start and end their day with a familiar adult.

Before and after school programs help your child build positive relationships with adults. Having a familiar face to start and end the day with helps your child build trust, confidence, and feel safe and supported. Positive relationships with adults aside from your child’s teacher, create a built in school support system, and give students a chance to review social and emotional goals before starting their day.

An opportunity to start the day with relaxing and calming activities.

Before school care programs allow children opportunities to destress if they have had a tough morning, get ready for the school day at a slower pace, and enjoy some alone time, all of which will help your child start the school day prepared and ready. When students are relaxed and calm they are better equipped to take on the day’s activities and challenges.

Students will enjoy supervised social time with friends.

Children left unattended may not engage in activities that are the best for them. In the before school care program, students have time to spend time with and interact with peers, under the supervision of a caring teacher. Your child will spend time with both familiar faces and new friends during multi-age group activities, games, and interactions.

A typical schedule includes:

Having a dedicated teacher to answer questions about any last minute homework assignments

Because of the non-traditional setting, before school care programs provide opportunities to learn and work on homework assignments in creative and extended ways. Your child will become more engaged in their learning when they can practice in a relaxed environment. For parents who may have worked late the night before, or had a child that was too burnt out from the previous days activities, having dedicated time in the morning to finish assignments or go over any questions can be a huge benefit to your child.